Clay Shooting

Although there are many benefits of becoming a member at Thimbleby Shooting Ground, including a number of offers and discounts, everyone is welcome to use the ground unaccompanied at any time, providing they have a valid shotgun license. Non-license holders are also welcome providing they are accompanied by a license holder or by one of our instructors.

We operate a simple Promatic Claymate system which allows users to purchase clay credits from the clubhouse to simply pick and choose which stands and targets they wish to shoot until the credit is used up. The intelligent solo delay system even allows solo shooters to trap for themselves.

We offer a wide range of sporting targets including high pheasants, springing teal, crossing partridge and bolting rabbits as well as a variety of sportraps around the ground.

We use a simple system on our stands to allow you to assess the difficulty of each one. Stands 1 – 4 are easier targets than stand 13 down to the end at stand 19. Stands 5 to 12 are all different but more testing than the early stands.

Clay Prices

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