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July updates from the Shooting Ground…

As we pen this blog the UK is sweltering in the highest ever recorded temperatures, and we very much hope that by the time you read it, things have cooled off to something more normal for a Yorkshire summer. It’s certainly hot work for our instructors kitted out in safety gear and for our chef and her team in the kitchen! Our summer events are in full swing with our member’s event taking place this week and our first ever side by side competition coming early next month. With so many visitors set to come through the clubhouse doors over the coming months we thought this was the perfect time to share a selection of our ‘guns of the week’ with you and tell you all about a new collection now available in the shop.

Guns of the Week

As mentioned, we’re holding our inaugural side-by-side competition soon and to mark this momentous event we’re sharing three horizontally oriented-barrel guns which represent excellent value.

The first is a 12-gauge Midland Gun Company Boxlock Ejecto with 28-inch barrels and a 15-inch stock weighing in at 6lbs 10oz. This gun has recently been fully refurbished (re-blued, stock refinish, action tightened and serviced) and is in spotless condition with no putting to the ¾ inch bores. This gun would happily take Standard Steel if the left barrel was bored to 1/2 choke or less. £1495

Next up is a lovely Parker Hale Sidelock Ejector, a Spanish-produced side by side from 1982. It’s 12-gauge with 28-inch barrels, ¾ inch chambers, a 14 and ⅜ inch stock weighing in at 6lbs 15oz. This is an excellent value sidelock that shoots smoothly due to mild back boring to 18.5, rare for this type of gun and a healthy weight of just under 7lbs. £595.

Finally in our side-by-side category, we have a 12-gauge Tula T03-66 Hammer Gun with 28-inch barrels, a 15-inch stock which is 7lbs 1oz. This is a great fun, robust hammer gun made by Tula, the oldest gun maker in the world, which can take modern loads. This example was made in 1966 in the then-USSR from good quality steel – the bores are gleaming due to the stainless-steel construction.

If side by side isn’t your bag, we have a brand spanking new Caesar Guerini model – the Maxum Limited, with 30-inch barrels and weighing in at 7lbs 14 oz. This model features some stunning grade 5 timber and beautiful, genuine colour case hardened action. Some other brands have been known to ‘cheat’ with this process and use a superficial colour wash to mimic the hardening process. On the contrary, Caesar Guerini uses a genuine hardening process, which gives a deep and lustrous colouration which will stand the test of time.

The gun is available as a pair, with an equally stunning consecutive-numbered counterpart currently in stock for those on the hunt for the ultimate set of ‘do-anything’ modern game guns. These feature a very classic solid top rib, rounded London forends and semi-pistols grips for producing some rather racy lines. They are both proofed for the hottest of steel loads (High Performance/Fleur de Lis) with 3″ magnum chambers. £10,900 for the pair or £5495 for a single gun, and we have a 20-gauge in stock if you prefer a lighter gun.

All these guns are available to try at the shooting ground now, and the three side by side examples could be the perfect companion for the upcoming competition – plenty of places are still available!

Laksen Sporting

This iconic Danish brand was founded in the 1970s and has since forged an excellent reputation for its functional shooting, hunting and country clothing and accessories. Laksen is particularly known for lightweight, waterproof and breathable performance clothing crafted from fine Scottish tweed, perfect for our changeable British weather! The wider Laksen collection includes shooting vests, jackets, shirts, caps, gun slips and plenty of other superb items sure to catch your eye, so make sure you pop into the clubhouse for a closer look next time you’re here.