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Looking back at a rollercoaster 2021

We’re nearly a week away from Christmas Day now and the team have been pulling out all the stops to make sure visitors to the shooting ground get a truly festive welcome when they arrive. We’re keeping everything crossed that we can all enjoy a Christmas which is as close to normal as possible with our families and loved ones after a very turbulent year!

2021 has certainly been a memorable 12 months. We probably don’t need to remind you that we kicked off the year by going straight into a cold and gloomy January lockdown. It was rather lacking in optimism (or perhaps naivety!) compared to the March 2020 one, but our amazing staff pulled together and worked hard regardless. The team was busy working in all weather (including some thick snow!) to maintain and update our sporting clay stands so that our visitors would have plenty to play with on their return. We helped our members out by pausing club membership every time the shooting ground closed due to lockdowns over the past 2 years, and it’s been great to see our numbers swell over the year as a reward.

We were also busy supervising the very last stages of the construction of our new clubhouse. While the builders and fitters finished off the interior, we had the fun task of choosing the shooting accessories, clothing, footwear and gifts for the retail space. There were interviews taking place for chefs and other new staff and, despite the ongoing restrictions to our lives, we knew we had something special to unveil to you all.

The big day finally came on Tuesday the 30th of March, when we were finally allowed to reopen. We all remember those early days of ‘freedom’ when the weather threw us some unexpected spring snowfall and people had to gather outside for a drink or bacon sandwich after their round. But our customers are a tough and passionate lot, and the ground was soon buzzing with the sound of shotgun fire and happy voices once more. It wasn’t too long until we were able to welcome visitors into the clubhouse to enjoy the cafe, shop, gun room and log burner. It’s safe to say the building was a hit with everyone who walked through the door, and we now can’t imagine life without it!

The summer saw a flurry (pun definitely intended) of events here at Thimbleby including our popular Simulated Game Days, Young Shots Days, Ladies Nights and a range of competitions and retail sales rep visits for TSG Members. We rounded off the events with a Member’s Christmas competition and drinks this week at Thimbleby, with people enjoying a mince pie, mulled wine and some Christmas shopping after a competitive spin around the stands. Our investment and development here at Thimbleby Shooting Ground isn’t stopping anytime soon, and we’ve just unveiled some new high tower stands for our festive visitors to enjoy. If you’re planning to visit us over the Christmas period, please note our holiday opening hours to avoid disappointment!

One thing which has made everything we’ve done this year possible is the unwavering support of our customers and the hard work of our staff. So, this seems like an excellent opportunity to say thank you to you all, and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!