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Behind the scenes of our simulated game days

We first brought simulated game days to Thimbleby Shooting Ground last year and they’re proving a hugely popular choice with our customers. Our 3,000 acres of farmland, woodland and moorland meant that we could offer exceptionally varied simulated game days, so they were a clear next step for Thimbleby. So, what can you expect if you were to treat yourself to one of our days? If you’ve never been on one and you would like to know more before booking one, this blog will bring you up to speed.


Simulated game days aim to, as the name suggests, replicate a day’s high-class game shooting but with clay pigeons instead of live quarry. That means they can be run all year-round and that makes them perfect for getting your eye in prior to the game shooting season starting or for a competitive and sociable day’s shooting whenever the fancy takes you.


Our simulated game days bring together parties of between 8 and 10 guns to enjoy top notch hospitality and perfectly pitched, challenging shooting over our uniquely varied terrain. That makes a sim day here ideal for a group of friends, a stag or hen party, corporate events and family gatherings. Here at Thimbleby we cater for all levels and can offer instruction (discreet or overt!) if desired throughout the day.


The drives are carefully set up by our expert team to ensure they replicate the experience of game shooting in different environments and are tailored to individual groups’ experience levels. The drives take you deep into the Thimbleby estate and allows you to experience what it’s like to on a ‘real’ game shoot. We will set up pegs in the bottom of a valley and ensure clays are sent soaring above you to replicate a challenging high pheasant drive. Fast and low ‘grouse’ drives will give you a taste of the thrill of open moorland shooting. Our aim is to offer a fun and challenging day with plenty of variety and great hospitality.


The fantastic food and drink will begin from the moment you arrive here at the shooting ground at around 9:00am. Our recently renovated Thimbleby Grange provides your group with a base for the day’s activities, where you gather for a tasty breakfast and a safety briefing. Once you’ve eaten your fill, it’s off into some of the most beautiful corners of the estate for the first and second drives.


Food and drink are almost as important as the shooting on many game shoots, and sim days aim to replicate that element of them too! After the first two drives we then take a break for elevenses, an excellent chance to congratulate or commiserate your fellow guns on the morning’s shooting. Drives three and four complete the day’s shooting before you head back to Thimbleby Grange for a tasty lunch and more exceptional hospitality from our team.


If you’ve always fancied game shooting but aren’t sure about shooting live game, or you love the idea of shooting with a group of your nearest and dearest, our sim days might be just the ticket. Why not take a closer look at the simulated game day page on our website or drop us a line to enquire about dates?

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