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Gamebore Black Gold UER Review

At Thimbleby we recently tested the new Black Gold Game UER (Ultimate Extended Range) 32gm 5’s and 4’s at 50 yards. We consider this range a very ‘decent’ and testing pheasant or partridge – and we must bear in mind that range is very often overestimated in the shooting field! How often have we heard the claim of a 70-yard screamer, that in reality, if a rangefinder was beamed in its direction mid-flight we’d see a reading of nearer 40 yards!

This new product line has replaced the old faithful original Black Gold which utilised the no longer available Gordon recoil reduction system. This offering has been loaded with a bespoke Bio-Wad specifically designed for lead loadings.

Felt recoil is certainly on par with previous Gordon recoil system offering and nowhere near as ‘punchy’ as the Dark Storms.

We expect this is due to the shock absorbing effect of the bio-wad with visible cushioning between the shot cup and the gas seal (pictured below).

Pattern quality was excellent, the wad is certainly holding the shot together and in fact the wad itself hit the pattern board at 50yards each shot!

We observed very consistent pellet dispersion even with very mild choking.

All pellets in both 4 (3.25mm) and 5 (3mm) shot very totally flattened, showing considerable striking energy, even at distance. These use the continental shot sized Diamond Shot that actually equate to an english 3.5 and 4.5 shot size.

I would suggest the 5’s are a better all round load especially for partridge, however the 4’s did just display enough pattern density for extreme pheasants.

Pattern boards pictured below

All were shot through a Zoli Pernice 30″ with 1/4 and 1/2 choke. We were left extremely impressed how well the shot pattern held together with such mild choking – in fact 1/4 choke would be more than adequate for even extreme pheasants at 60 yards plus!

If you are expecting to be under some seriously tall birds this season, you cannot do any better than this new laser-guided missile from Gamebore!

Striking Energy

32gm 5 @ 50 yards 1/4 choke


32gm 5 @ 50 yards 1/2 choke