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Good fit matters – the role of correct shotgun fit in shooting.

Here at Thimbleby Shooting Ground we’re proud to offer shooting for people of all levels. Those who are new to the sport of clay shooting will find our have-a-go packages offer the perfect taster session under the guidance of a fully qualified instructor, including everything you need to know about safe gun handling. Intermediate guns will find a wide variety of stands to challenge and entertain them as they work on their technique and improve. For those who have been shooting for many years, our instructors can help you iron out any lingering issues and ensure an impressive strike rate on the ground or in the field. But one thing that can hold back any keen shooter, no matter how long they’ve been enjoying their chosen sport or whether they’re a man, woman or young gun, is poor gun fit. Here are five ways that gun fit can impact your shooting:

  1. Consistency. A proper fit helps you consistently mount the shotgun to your shoulder and cheek, and that helps create muscle memory for a solid, repeatable shooting posture. Consistency in your gun mount is essential for achieving consistent results in shooting, whether that’s in the field or on the shooting ground.
  2. Accuracy.  A shotgun that fits you properly allows for better alignment of your eye with the barrel. Correct alignment in this area will help you aim accurately and hit your targets consistently and be more comfortable to repeatedly mount and fire.
  3. Recoil Management.  A well-fitted shotgun helps to effectively distribute the forces created when it is fired, reducing the felt recoil you’ll feel if you’re holding it. That’s why a correctly fitting shotgun makes shooting more comfortable and allows you to take rapid follow-up shots without flinching or discomfort.
  4. Shooting comfort. An ill-fitting shotgun can eventually cause you discomfort and even pain when you continue to shoot with it over longer periods of time. A correct fit ensures that the shotgun feels balanced and natural in the shooter’s hands and on their shoulder, allowing for extended periods of shooting without fatigue or discomfort.
  5. Better control. A properly fitted shotgun enables you to maintain better control over the swing of the gun when you’re tracking a moving target. This allows for smoother follow-through, increasing the chances of you successfully hitting the target.

So, knowing how important a properly fitted shotgun is, how can you find out if your current gun of choice fits you well? Our instructors see customers who have guns that don’t quite fit – or fit badly – and they wanted a more formal way to advise them on what will work better. Our new gun fitting sessions are aimed at anyone who shoots regularly and will ensure your safety and performance. Or, if you’re relatively new to clay shooting or driven game shooting and would love to have your own gun, they can help ensure the gun you select will help, rather than hinder, your shooting. During the session, our instructor will:

  • Make sure your gun fits you perfectly, assessing everything from the length of pull, comb and height to the cast.
  • Help you perfect a consistent and comfortable gun mount.
  • Tackle any other issues that may be holding you back, such as eye dominance.

If your gun simply doesn’t fit you, instead of proceeding with the fitting, your instructor will show you a range of models that are more suitable. We have demo guns from all the leading brands that you can literally try for size on the shooting ground, and we can help you sell your old gun and replace it. Our gun fit sessions last for 45 minutes and cost £75.00. If you’re interested in booking a session or you would like to learn more, please contact us by calling 01609 883401 or emailing