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Searching for a new shotgun? Try our demo guns on the shooting ground!

Whether you’re relatively new to shooting and have decided you love it, or you’ve had decades of experience handling a shotgun, the day will come when it’s time to get a new gun. You might decide to order a brand-new gun, or you might try a second hand or demo gun during a lesson and fall in love with it. Either way, here at Thimbleby Shooting Ground, we’re perfectly placed to help you find the perfect gun to suit your needs.

Browse the leading shotgun brands

Our clubhouse is home to our gun room, and that’s fast becoming a destination for game and clay shooting enthusiasts living in North Yorkshire and the surrounding counties. We’re proud to be an approved stockist for Blaser and Zoli shotguns and stock a wide range of other leading brands including Browning, Beretta and Caesar Guerini. Our retail team, headed up by Gunroom Manager Max Cope, is hugely knowledgeable and always on hand to chat to our customers and help them choose the right gun for their needs. We also have secondhand firearms for sale, helping us offer an even greater range of options for our customers.

Try our demo guns on the shooting ground

Of course, a large part of choosing the right shotgun is being able to try it out. Mounting a gun and feeling the weight and balance in your hands is a huge part of knowing if you like it, but there’s a different pressure to mounting and swinging a gun when a live clay is whizzing overhead. Shooting the gun means you’ll also get a feel for the recoil and can even try different cartridges too. That’s where Thimbleby can offer something many of our competitors can’t. Our customers can try any of our demo guns out on the shooting ground and that gives them the chance to try different brands and styles out for size before they commit to ordering a new gun.

Ensure you’ve got the right shotgun for you

Of course, it helps if you know the size and style of barrels and stock that suit you best before you begin searching for a new shotgun. If you’re not sure what size you want or if you’ve had a sneaking suspicion that your current gun doesn’t fit you perfectly, we now offer gun fit lessons at Thimbleby. Our instructors will spend time with you in the clubhouse and on the shooting ground to make sure your gun fits perfectly, help you perfect a consistent gun mount and iron out any bad habits. If you really like one of our demo guns, plan to order one and want to ensure you buy the right size, why not book a gun fit lesson to check before you order?

Learn more about our lessons

If you do decide to order a new gun, we’ll keep you updated when it’s being made and when you can expect it to arrive in the gun room ready for you to collect. When your new gun does arrive, you could consider booking a lesson to ensure you get off to the best possible start with it. It’s a good way to ensure you don’t revert to any bad habits from your old gun and see if it needs any small fitting tweaks. We’re proud to offer a wide range of lessons at Thimbleby Shooting Ground, so you can select a lesson that perfectly matches up with your aims. We even offer a pattern plate session so that you can learn which cartridges and chokes suit the style of shooting you’re aspiring to do.