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Welcoming TGS Outdoors to Thimbleby to shoot an episode of their vlog

TGS Outdoors is a popular YouTube channel run by keen shooting enthusiasts from The Gun Shop in Hampshire, and which is aimed at anyone who loves shotguns and rifles. The videos are a blend of reviews, tests, comparisons and hunting content with the help of well-known figures in the shooting world. TGS Outdoors is on a mission to visit every clay ground in the UK and of course, that includes ours!


We were delighted to welcome the TGS lads Jonny Carter and Ant McLernon, along with guest Lloyd Pattison, to Thimbleby Shooting Ground back in the spring to shoot an episode of the Clay Tour. They kicked off their day with us on one of the most popular and challenging drives used on our Simulated Game Days. This woodland drive nestles next to a steep wooded bank which provides seriously high birds and is a longstanding element of our driven game days too.


Next, they headed up onto the area of the estate which extends to the fringes of the North York Moors for some ‘clay grouse’ shooting. Another key element of our simulated game days, this drive sees clay after clay replicating the rapid, low flight of the grouse sent whizzing over the butts. The shooting is fast, furious and very fun indeed. The drives chosen for the simulated game days are all established drives on the Thimbleby Estate’s driven game days, and that’s definitely reflected in the quality of the shooting and the level of challenges the drives present.


After the fun of the grouse moor, the team recharged their batteries with a bacon roll and a cup of tea before getting onto the serious business of our English sporting targets. The stands are fun and varied, providing something to challenge everyone from beginners to experienced shots like our TGS Outdoors visitors. The intensity then heated up with the boys trying their hand at our ‘rabbit warren’, where you step up onto a platform to then shoot down at ‘rabbit’ targets coming from both sides.


That proved to be the perfect warm up for a three-way competition, with Lloyd the eventual victor. The banter and shooting techniques on show were both outstanding and it was a real pleasure to welcome the team here. Their eventual takeaway – Thimbleby is fun, welcoming and challenging all at the same time. Their pin-sharp footage and plenty of shots showing the drives and stands in action gives you excellent insight into what it’s like to come and shoot here at Thimbleby. Whether you’re a seasoned Thimbleby member considering booking onto a simulated game day or you’re new to the sport and have been thinking about planning your first visit, this is a must-watch!


Take a look below: