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What shooting lesson is best for you?

A couple of months ago we looked at what to look for when you’re choosing a shooting ground to learn at, and this time we’re taking a deeper dive into the lessons themselves. If you’ve been thinking about learning to clay pigeon shoot but you’re not sure which lesson is the best fit for you, we’re here to help. We’ll walk you through what different lessons we have available here at Thimbleby Shooting Ground and what you can expect when you book one. Let’s get started!

All our lessons include gun hire and safety equipment and (of course!) tuition from a member of our super team of qualified and skilled instructors. If you’re an experienced shot with your own gun and licence you’re more than welcome to bring it with you. Clays and cartridges are extra apart from in our ‘have a go’ and all-inclusive packages, and we can provide a quote before you start the lesson.

Shooting lessons for beginners and novices

Taking your first steps in clay shooting can be nerve-wracking but our instructors are fantastic at ensuring everyone learns a lot and enjoys the process. Your instructor will select the right gun for you and then walk you through the basics of safe gun handling, master eye check, your stance and gun mount and fit. Once you’re happy with that, you’ll head to the shooting ground for the  remainder of the hour to dust some clays for the first time! You can choose to book a full hour to start you off or book Our ‘Have a go Together’ lesson is a great taster for couples and friends who prefer having some moral support when they’re learning.

Shooting lessons for improvers

We also tailor our hour-long adult lesson to suit people who have a good grasp of the fundamentals of clay shooting but want to improve. That means if you’re struggling with high birds or rabbits, you can ask your instructor to take a deep dive in your chosen area. Or perhaps you know you need to improve but you’re not sure exactly what your limitations are? Our instructors can observe you, including your stance and gun mount, and make recommendations on where you can improve. You can book this lesson with clays and cartridges as extra, or include 25 of each or 50 of each, so you know the full cost up front.

Shooting lessons for seasoned and new game shots

Our Game Changer lesson will take your shooting to a new level, giving those planning their first day in the field a perfect way to prepare. This lesson includes a comprehensive half day of shooting across the Thimbleby Estate, with a light lunch and refreshments included. We can gear the lesson to experienced shots who are keen to blow away the cobwebs before taking to the field again or give newcomers to game shooting the perfect introduction to shooting in the field.

We also offer lessons focused on gun fit and pattern plate sessions which are ideal for experienced guns. The gun fit lesson is perfect for those who are doing everything right on the shooting ground or in the field, and still find they simply aren’t hitting targets. Poor gun fit can really limit your successes, so it’s worth the investment in terms of time and money if you’re keen to finesse your shooting. Our pattern plate sessions are ideal for advanced shooters and game shooting enthusiasts keen to experiment with different loads and chokes.

Shooting lessons for children and teenagers

If you have a child or young person who’s keen to learn to shoot, our Young Shot lesson is the perfect fit. Their instructor will ensure that they get a fun, safe and insightful introduction to shooting over an hour’s lesson. This lesson is aimed at children and young people aged between nine and 16 years old, but we do need to see the size and build of those on the younger end first. That’s simply to ensure they’re able to safely hold and aim a shotgun and manage the recoil. This comprehensive one-hour lesson will be tailored to your individual needs, so you get the most out of your session with our experienced instructors.

You can learn more about all our lessons and book online by clicking here. If you have any questions before you book, please feel free to call us on 01609 883 401, or pop into the clubhouse.